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Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”

Unfortunately, less than 50% of adults in Gauteng passed Matric and research shows non-white South Africans are the most likely to drop out, making this issue even more urgent in township communities. Increased drop-out rates leads to higher unemployment, higher crime rates, and more reliance on the government. Part of the reason for drop-outs is an accumulation of a knowledge gap. John Hopkins University has said the holiday learning loss for low-income or disadvantaged youth is at least double non-low income counterparts who traditionally have greater access to holiday programming.

Mamelodi is home to nearly 400,000 people. Yet many youths, particularly young women, are not given the opportunity to access educational opportunities that can literally transform the world within which they operate. Mamelodi is challenged with high drop out rates, low matric pass rates, and extremely low university attendance rates. We have chosen to implement our programming here because we want to equip young people in Mamelodi with that “most powerful weapon” so that they can change their world. Eventually, we hope to spread across South Africa.

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The Mamelodi Initiative is really a great program lead by great people. It was really an absolutely amazing experience to see the huge difference just a little bit of time, effort and motivation can make in a child’s life. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone!

Sharlien Prinsloo

I have been with the Mamelodi initiative program for seven years. I started first as a student for five years (grade 8-12) then became a volunteer after high school. The initiative has impacted my life in a tremendous manner as it shaped my career today. When I was still a student I attended a photography … Continue reading Itshokeng Nkadimeng

Itshokeng Nkadimeng

If you want to spend your holiday time wisely I’d recommend the Mamelodi Innitiative. The program is well run and is a great all round experience. My favorite part of the program was seeing the kids grow in self-confidence as they learned and their scores kept improving.

Sarah Reeves