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The Mamelodi Initiative is currently running four different programmes with various lengths and focuses throughout the year. Read a bit more on each program below.

Summer Jam

The Mamelodi Initiative Summer Jam is a two-week, all-day programme designed to focus on life-long skills for Mamelodi high school students. Launched January 2011, the programme focuses on study skills for rising grade 8 learners, leadership skills for rising grade 9 learners, and community engagement for rising grade 10 learners. The morning time focuses on skills’ curriculum while the afternoon allows students to explore various enrichment workshops.

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Winter Jam

The Mamelodi Initiative Winter Jam is a three-week, all-day programme designed to focus on academic excellence. The curriculum focuses on the maths and English requirements South Africa’s national curriculum. The aim of the morning curriculum is to move our youth toward performing at or above grade level in their subjects, by focusing on their maths and English. The afternoon is geared toward exploration and enrichment activities. The program serves Grade 7, 8, 9, 10,11 and grade 12 learners.

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Computer Literacy Programme


In addition to our holiday programmes, the Mamelodi Initiative runs’ year round interventions. Part of this intervention is our computer literacy courses. We currently offer a Level One and Level Two certificate (focusing on basic typing, researching, and word processing skills). While our Level Three programme focuses on basic computer programming.

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Youth Leadership Council


The Youth Leadership Council provides a small group of learners the opportunity to engage year-round in leadership development. The program offers each learner-participant a University mentor, monthly leadership trainings and the opportunity to grow as a community leader through a year-long service project.