Hi! My name is Itshokeng Nkadimeng. I have been with the Mamelodi initiative program for seven years. I started first as a student for five years (grade 8-12) then became a volunteer after high school. The initiative has impacted my life in a tremendous manner as it shaped my career today.

When I was still a student I attended a photography workshop led by Mische Kang, and that is where I found my love for cameras, photography and the media as whole. And here I am today standing as one of the best resident photographers and a Journalism and Media Studies student all in the name of The Mamelodi initiative.

Other things that I have benefited from the initiative are leadership skills which I got from the Mamelodi Initiative side program called the Youth Leadership Council. I have taken those skills into my life to serve the next generation of the Mamelodi Initiative together with the YLC.

I would love to thank the founders, directors, sponsors and other associates into bringing development to Mamelodi’s youth.


― Itshokeng