The Mamelodi Initiative is really a great program lead by great people. It was really an absolutely amazing experience to see the huge difference just a little bit of time, effort and motivation can make in a child’s life. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone!

Sharlien Prinsloo

Volunteering at Mamelodi Innitiative was amazing! I loved spending time getting to know the kids and helping them out and enjoyed the little excursions the leaders from Mamelodi Innitiative planned so we could also experience a bit of South Africa’s culture, food and beauty.

Jack Hall

If you want to spend your holiday time wisely I’d recommend the Mamelodi Innitiative. The program is well run and is a great all round experience. My favorite part of the program was seeing the kids grow in self-confidence as they learned and their scores kept improving.

Sarah Reeves