The Mamelodi Initiative is a really great program lead by great people. It was really an absolutely amazing experience to see what difference cultural integration , effort to make a difference and motivation can make in a child’s life.I came to volunteer once and my life was significantly impacted hence I kept on coming back  for … Continue reading Y-Binh Nguyen

Y-Binh Nguyen

I have been with the Mamelodi initiative program for seven years. I started first as a student for five years (grade 8-12) then became a volunteer after high school. The initiative has impacted my life in a tremendous manner as it shaped my career today. When I was still a student I attended a photography … Continue reading Itshokeng Nkadimeng

Itshokeng Nkadimeng

I heard about the Mamelodi Initiative from a friend in the United States.I came to the program to help the Mamelodi community with academic enrichment, especially mathematics.This was my first time coming to South Africa and being part of the program but I felt welcomed, made new friends, and no one ever made me feel like … Continue reading Elias Ghantous

Elias Ghantous